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Concentrek Group is a creative agency based in Toledo, Ohio. We work with regional and multinational companies. We’re B2B and B2C. We work with non-profit agencies and educational institutions.

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Contact Concentrek Group


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What We Create

Product Branding
Corporate Identity
Campaign Ideation

Responsive Design
CMS Website Dev
Social Media Strategies

Still/Video Photography
Production & Direction
Editing & Animation

iOS App Development
Custom Web Apps
UX Design

Where We Excel

We talk to physicians and patients. We help launch medical technologies worldwide, with persuasive, accurate messaging.

Here in the Midwest, industry is in our blood. We see the innovations that are coming, and we help tell that story in the digital age.

Your mission is our mission. We are inspired by the work non-profit organizations do every day, and we’re proud to help get their message out.