Polaris Logistics Group Branding & Website

Polaris Logistics Group is a third party logistics company dedicated to keeping clients involved throughout the process, something we at CG can certainly understand. They needed branding that is as forward-thinking—and a website that is as responsive—as they are. Clean, bold design is anchored with the tagline “The Road Is Yours.” All told, it represents a great step for a business on the move. Plus, CG made it possible for customers to request a quote that's customized to the exact load they need to transport, reducing the amount of clicking around and creating an even easier experience for their customers.
Concentrek did a great job from conception through implementation and rollout. They provided several prototypes and offered input on content. We are very pleased with the final product! Dan, Polaris Logistics Group

"I wanted to convey the idea of a journey in their design, which is important to their company. We began with a brand refresh—incorporating some of their current elements and updating them to complement the industry. We also stylized images and developed icons that reinforce the content on the site."

—Kallie Stuckey
Graphic Designer 

CG also provides content marketing solutions aimed at generating new leads for Polaris. In addition to regular content posted to Polaris' social media channels, CG develops in-depth downloadable content that establishes Polaris as a thought leader in the 3PL industry. 

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