Neighborhood Health Association Branding & Website

The Neighborhood Health Association does incredible work, putting quality healthcare in reach for people throughout the community. As their mission continues to spread and their capacities continue to grow, they recognized the need for an all-new brand identity. Concentrek Group developed a whole new look for this forward-thinking organization, and then built a website that reflects the great work they do.
As we move ahead with some exciting new projects, we are thrilled to have a brand and website that perfectly positions us for the future. Doni, Neighborhood Health Association

We wanted to create a look and feel that is welcoming to visitors from all walks of life, while also conveying NHA's professionalism and their quality of care. The clean lines and vivid colors help us do just that.

– Amanda Holman
Senior Graphic Designer

As part of the overall rebranding of NHA, we're also creating shareable images for social media that combine their color palette and font with a distinctive NHA look. 

The new website makes it easy to get information about all the facilities under the NHA umbrella, including each facility's address, phone number, hours, services and more—on any web-enabled device!

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