Gentle Hair Removal Campaign

Laser hair removal can be a prickly subject, especially when you have to balance a system’s power with its ability to provide fast, comfortable treatments. The song was written and performed in-house and paired with a video that added just the right touch of whimsy. Over 100,000 views later, the treatment is enjoying a much higher profile.
“I asked the CG team for something clever and playful. They exceeded my expectations—and then some. That song got stuck in my head!” CAITLIN, SYNERON CANDELA

“We had a lot of messages to convey very quickly, and a jingle was an easy way to do that. Luckily for me ‘laser hair removal’ rhymes with ‘seal of approval.’”

“Every element of the campaign is meant to strike the same tone as the jingle, with a cohesive look that works across all media. It’s a playful approach that’s not always seen in this space.”

—Eric Klinger
Director of Communications

In addition, Concentrek Group developed an app that physicians could use to explain Gentle Hair Removal to their patients. The app uses interactive before-and-after images, animations and more to demonstrate the procedure and explain the Gentle Hair Removal difference clearly and effectively.

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