Decorative Panels International Branding

As a company dedicated to bringing fresh, clean looks into countless homes, DPI recognized the need to have marketing to match. Concentrek Group answered the call with a fully-responsive website, as well as brochures and other deliverables that conveyed the company’s commitment to style and function. In addition, DPI is seeing impressive results from the content marketing initiatives spearheaded by CG.

To further establish the DPI brand as something truly unique, Concentrek Group made sure not to rely on stock images, and instead shot a compelling series of original lifestyle photos.

When DPI needed to brand their new line of eco-friendly products, they turned to Concentrek Group once again. CG created a branding elements for the GreenCore line and applied it throughout DPI’s print materials, website and more.

“Concentrek Group delivers impressive results for us, and they understand our commitment to environmental sustainability as well.” Ralph, DPI

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