BioFit MVMT Chair Builder

BioFit’s bold new line of seating—the MVMT chair—is engineered to move with a person throughout the workday, as well as meet the needs of each individual user. It just makes sense, then, that each chair is as customizable as possible. To help make that possible, Concentrek Group developed an online configurator that gives users the power to create a chair that meets their exact specifications, providing a 6-point rotating 3D rendering of all their MVMT options. Once all of the various components are selected, getting a quote is quick and easy.

“Each chair is printed with a QR code that gives users access to assembly and user instructions, warranty information and the ability to request a quote. We went through the logic tree to wrangle dozens of components so each user can get the chair they want. And of course it’s all responsive.”

—Todd Humphrey
Director of Web Development

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