The Concentrek Group Story

Concentrek Group’s story began in 2002, when Brian Heady and Kent Sackman had a vision for an agency founded on one mantra:


Founder & CEO

Brian Heady

Founder & CEO

Founder & President

Kent Sackman

Founder & President

Since then we’ve grown, both in the size of our staff and in our capacities. Concentrek Group is big enough to pair your specific needs with the ideal team—talented people who live and breathe design, messaging and development. Your projects are led and directed by a dedicated staff working in-house for you. The people you see here are the very people you’ll be working with, because we believe that transparency equals trust.

Administrative Assistant

Jessica Aberl

Senior Copywriter

Josh Alkire

Web Developer

Brock Bunting

Vice President of App Development

Jim Bunting

Associate Account Executive

Brittany DeMichele

Director of Web Development

Kelsey Ferencz

Content Marketing Associate

Lindsay Gebhart

Art Director

Jerod Guillen

Vice President & Director of Finance

Pam Heil

Vice President of Web Development

Todd Humphrey

Director of Content Marketing

Allyson Jansen

Account Coordinator

Shannon Joyce

Director of User Experience

Jordan Justice

Web Developer

Nicole Karhoff

Senior Account Executive

Chelsea Kelly

Senior Vice President

Denny Kreger

Account Executive

Valerie Lambert

Content Marketing Associate

Brad LaVigne

Digital Marketing Strategist

Rob Lichman

Senior Copywriter

Cathi Lynch

Senior Account Executive

George Mergen

Associate Graphic Designer

Zach Nelson

Content Marketing Associate

Courtney Steele

Senior Art Director

David Suelzer

Director of Motion Graphics & 3D Animation

Travis Wade

Senior Copywriter

Brenda Woods

Vice President & Creative Director

Sarah Yacko

Contact Concentrek Group

Contact Concentrek Group


Ready to see what Concentrek Group can do for you? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch soon. Can’t wait? We don’t blame you—contact us at 419.244.9000 or

We still believe that working hard, being honest and thinking creative can accomplish a lot for our clients. That’s why we bring our creative minds together to study your business model, learn your industry, hone your brand and help you achieve your mission. We do it with incisive messaging, on-point design and farsighted technology. And for the industries below, we do it especially well.


Concentrek Group has helped launch some very impressive new technologies in the healthcare and medical aesthetics field—and we’ve been there as more established brands reinvent themselves. We’ve listened to everyone from sales reps and marketing directors to product managers and regulatory advisors. As a result, we’ve been able to craft campaigns that get both physicians and patients excited.

Automotive & Manufacturing

B2B is about moving your products—and your customers—from Point A to Point B. It means establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and providing real value to wholesalers, retailers and end users. Concentrek Group helps you develop the tools that reinforce your brand for your entire audience, getting the right message to different audiences while still maintaining your true voice.

Non-Profit & Education

In the non-profit and education world, your mission is everything. It’s the motivating force behind all your efforts, and it’s at the core of your identity. Concentrek Group is right there with you, helping you hone your branding elements and extrapolating them out into your fundraising efforts and online presence. We understand what makes organizations like yours special, and we aim to make sure everyone else does too.