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Looking to ensure your company’s Twitter profile is optimized for top results? An important part of setting up a successful Twitter presence is creating visual elements for the page that are not only appropriate for the platform, but meet various sizes and specifications.

The CG social team has taken the liberty of listing out the various images needed for the Twitter platform below, including a brief explanation of where the image is used, the size specifications per the platform, and what the image should consist of.  

Twitter Profile Photo

Your Twitter profile photo appears on your profile, in the timeline of your followers and of your follower’s followers when they retweet you, and in the ‘Who to Follow’ section of the platform. Since this image is seen across the platform, the image chosen should be consistent with brand guidelines.

Twitter Profile Image Size:

  • Upload as 400 x 400px
  • Displays as 200 x 200px
  • Image appears largest on profile and smaller elsewhere

Twitter Header Photo

The header photo appears at the top of your Twitter profile. The image is large and provides the opportunity to creatively share your brand identity.

Twitter Header Image Size:

  • Upload as 1,500 x 500px
  • Be aware of the area covered by the profile photo in the bottom right

Twitter Timeline Photo

When you attach a photo to a tweet, the image appears within the timeline of your followers and within the timeline of your follower’s followers if they retweet you. We encourage you to include appropriate visuals on tweets whenever possible—it will help your tweet stand out from the others in the timeline of your followers.

Twitter Timeline Image Size:

  • Minimum to appear expanded is 440 x 220px (2:1 ratio)
    • If image is not 2:1, it will appear collapsed within the Timeline
  • Maximum to appear expanded is 1024 x 512px 

For more information on Twitter timeline images, visit the Twitter Help Center

Creating a Twitter Presence for your Brand

If you have decided to include Twitter within your social media strategy, it is crucial to have a profile that is optimized for the platform, while staying true to your branding guidelines.

Visual content is a large part of a successful social media strategy, making it very important to have all creative elements designed to meet the above recommendations. The social team at CG also recommends including visual images in your posting schedule, as tweets with images receive 150% more retweets than tweets without images, according to Buffer.

To view a full list of social media image sizes that is updated regularly by Sprout Social, click here.

Interested in more guidance regarding your social media strategy? Contact the social media team at CG. We provide social media content creation and management services that can help your brand create an engaging social media presence. 

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