To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Should Your Brand Be on Twitter?

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Twitter is the microblogging platform that allows your brand to broadcast short messages at a high frequency to followers. The question that many clients have when it comes to Twitter is whether or not they should be on it, but we believe the answer to this depends on the brand and the audience.

Should your social strategy include Twitter?

At Concentrek Group, we customize social media strategies to meet your individual needs and goals. This process involves assessing your industry, your audience, and your product or service offering. If your brand’s message is a fit for the platform and your audience is there, we may recommend that your brand create a presence on Twitter. 

Brands that meet the below requirements tend to get a Twitter ‘gold star.'

  • Conversational tone. Are you ready to have a real-talk discussion and answer questions your followers might have? 
  • Ability to actively manage the platform. Do you have someone on staff who can devote the necessary time to tweeting and retweeting? 
  • Regular content that followers will want to consume. Will your tweet take your audience to something they can use? 
  • An active audience. Are your customers using Twitter?

What Not to Tweet

  • Generic or off-topic posts. Twitter offers an opportunity for your brand to talk to people who have made the decision to follow you. They want inside information about you, so be yourself—and be on message. 
  • Newsjacking. That’s the term for taking something that’s in the news and making it about your brand. That might be okay for Oscar night or the Super Bowl, but interjecting yourself into discussion about a national disaster—even if it’s to offer sympathy for the victims—can make you seem opportunistic. People may feel a connection to a brand, but it’s a different relationship than the one they have with an individual person.
  • Hijacking hashtags. When a topic is trending, it’s tempting to want to jump in with a message about your brand. Be very careful. Some hashtags are addressing sensitive topics, and it can backfire quickly
  • Your Facebook posts. It’s possible to link your Facebook posts so they automatically appear on your Twitter feed, but we don’t recommend this practice. Twitter’s character limit means that your Facebook posts could be truncated, so your message won’t be seen in full. That can prevent you from getting your call to action out in front of people. Write for the medium, and your message has a better chance of being heard.

If you feel you have the resources and the audience to be on Twitter, you’ll need to keep a few more things in mind—especially when you add a visual element to your tweets. Learn more in Part 2 of this post, our all-inclusive Twitter image guide!

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