Facebook: Your Guide to a Visually Appealing Page

We’re all taught to not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to Facebook, we often judge a Page by its cover photo.

I recently found the Facebook Page of my favorite local business and was excited to follow it. After liking the Page, I began to scroll through what I had been missing—which, mixed within the announcement of promotions and special items, were a lot of social media mistakes. I noticed everything from improperly sized images and a poorly designed cover photo to inconsistent posting.

Your Facebook Page is an extension of your brand’s marketing strategy—the Page's creative elements should be treated as such.

Since your Facebook Page is an extension of your brand’s marketing strategy, it is crucial to treat it as such. This includes the creative elements of the Page and the images shared in your daily posts.

Creating Images for your Brand’s Facebook Page

When creating or updating your brand’s Facebook Page with new creative images—profile picture, cover photo, etc.—it is important to ensure the images uploaded to the Page are the correct size. Your Facebook Page is an advertising tool for your business, making it critical for the Page’s creative elements to be designed specifically for the channel. If an image is used for your brand’s Page that is not the appropriate size, it may be stretched or partially cut off to fit the space.

Below is a cheat sheet for your brand’s Facebook images, including the sizes for all images that are uploaded to the social media network. You can also reference the image gallery at the end of this post for a visual reference of each image type.

Facebook Profile Picture

Your Facebook Page profile picture appears on your Facebook Page and throughout the platform—on your timeline, when you post to other walls, and when you comment on posts or photos. We recommend keeping the profile picture simple—including just your logomark, etc.—as the image appears small throughout the platform, preventing users from reading any text that is displayed.

Facebook Profile Image Size:

  • Upload image as 180 x 180px
  • Image will display on the Page as 170 x 170px
  • Thumbnail image will appear as 32 x 32px

Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo appears at the top of your Page. The image is somewhat large, allowing your brand to display creativity and messaging. The cover photo can also be used to highlight campaigns or seasonal messaging to your Facebook followers.

Facebook Cover Photo Image Size:

  • Upload image as 820 x 312px
  • Image will display as 640 x 360px on smartphones

Facebook Shared Image

A shared image is one that is uploaded in a status post on your Page. This image will appear within your Page’s timeline and within the News Feed of your followers. Having an image that is sized appropriately for the platform gives your post the best shot at being seen by more Facebook users.

Facebook Shared Image Sized:

  • Upload image as 1200 x 630px
  • Image will appear in feed at max width of 470px
  • Image will appear on Page at max width of 504px

Facebook Shared Link

When sharing a link on Facebook, you are given the opportunity to upload a custom thumbnail image. This allows you to create more attractive links, increasing the chances of users clicking through to the destination.

Facebook Shared Link Image Size:

  • Upload image as 1200 x 628px
  • Square image thumbnails appear as 154 x 154px
  • Rectangular image thumbnails appear as 470 x 246px

Facebook Highlighted Image

When a milestone is achieved within your company—anniversary, industry award, etc.—the image can be highlighted on your Facebook Page. This image will only be enlarged on your Page’s timeline, but it will be enlarged so it is clearly visible when users visit the Page.

Facebook Highlighted Image Size:

  • Upload image as 1200 x 717px
  • Image will appear on page as 843 x 504px
  • To highlight the image, post as usual, then click the down arrow at the top right and press ‘Highlight’

The above image sizes are upload recommendations. Many different sizes will work within the social network; however, these sizes will be the most effective across all displays—desktop and mobile—positively positioning your brand’s Facebook presence. To view a full list of social media image sizes that is updated regularly by Sprout Social, click here.

At Concentrek Group, we design images that are specific to each client and social media strategy. All creative designed for clients follows channel-specific guidelines, while maintaining the brand’s look and message. To learn how we can help your brand’s social media presence, contact us and get the ball rolling!


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