Don't Be a "Pinterest Fail"

Allyson Jansen

Pinterest can be an amazing asset to a brand—if it’s used right.

Pinterest is a platform that inspires users to learn or do something—something that companies can use to their advantage. This virtual pin board allows brands to inspire people to pursue interests related to their brand—and when inspiration turns into action, you’ve achieved content marketing success!

81% of U.S. women trust Pinterest as a reliable source.

It has been estimated that 47% of online shoppers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on a recommendation via Pinterest—I don’t know about you, but we love those odds! It has also been reported that 81% of U.S. women trust Pinterest as a reliable source, so we say—make your brand the reliable source!

Setting Up a Pinterest Page for your Brand

When a brand seeks the advice of the Concentrek Group social team regarding Pinterest as an element of their social media strategy, we first assess their industry and target audience. If the content produced by the brand will resonate with the Pinterest audience, we provide recommendations for a social media strategy that will engage users.

We always stress the importance of visual content when discussing Pinterest as well. Pinterest is a highly visual platform that relies heavily on images that will grab the attention of users. If your brand plans to create a presence on Pinterest, pay close attention to the image needs below—including everything from the basic elements of a profile to the ideal size for Pins. Below are our recommended sizes for images on Pinterest, and you can also reference the image gallery at the end of this post for a visual reference of each image type.

Pinterest Profile Image

Your Pinterest profile picture appears on your brand’s Pinterest page, the individual Pins created and when your brand comments on Pins or boards. The profile picture should be something closely related to your brand. The image appears small throughout the platform, preventing users from reading any text that is displayed. We recommend keeping the profile picture simple, including just your logomark.

Profile Image Size:

  • Upload as 165 x 165 px (the size that appears on the homepage)
  • Image appears as 32 x 32 px throughout the Pinterest platform
  • Maximum image size is 10 MB

Pin Images

Pins are the images your brand creates to complement the digital content that you shared. Pinterest automatically limits the width of a pin, but there is no limit to the length.  Many images within the platform are square-shaped; however, the best performing pins display in the feed with a width of 236 pixels and a scaled height—these end up displaying as ‘tall and thin’ images, remaining in the browser window as a user continues to scroll. The CG social team has found that images uploaded with a width of 736 pixels and a max height of 2,000 pixels work best throughout the platform.

Pin Image Sizes:

  • Pins on the platform’s main page appear as 236 px wide (height is scaled)
  • Pins on a board appear as 236 px wide (height is scaled)
  • Expanded pins have a maximum width of 736 px (height is scaled)

Board Images

Pinterest Board images are the enticing elements that help to bring a user to click or follow a board. These images describe the board and its ideas, so choose images that are relevant to the subject matter highlighted within the content.

Board Images Sizes:

  • Board cover image appears as 222 x 150 px
  • Smaller board images appear as 55 x 55 px

If your brand’s content identifies with the Pinterest platform and you would like guidance incorporating the channel into your social media strategy, reach out to the social team at Concentrek Group! We launch and manage social media platforms for a variety of clients, creating the engaging content that online users are seeking. Contact us to start the Pinterest process!

Pinterest Image Size Gallery

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