Content Marketing and Traditional Marketing: Truth and Advertising

Kent Sackman

Companies throw haystacks of advertising at their audience every day, hoping to hit someone with a needle. Because somewhere in our heart of hearts, we know it works. Or at least we’re pretty sure it does.

Frankly, it’s hard to be sure exactly how well our advertising is working. But one thing we do know—it eventually drifts away. Magazines get tossed. TV ad buys run out. Even videos that become YouTube sensations end up being usurped by a cat playing a viola or something.

What can you count on to remain? The things that you control. Your ideas. Your insights. The knowledge you possess. The stuff your customers need to know and seek out for themselves.

It’s called content marketing. And when you add it to your traditional marketing mix, you have a recipe for growth. That’s because the content you create can reflect your latest traditional marketing outreach efforts and offer a lasting platform for your best ideas.

And when you add content marketing to your traditional marketing mix, you have a recipe for growth. Content marketing offers a lasting platform for your best ideas.

Content Marketing. Built to Last. Here to Stay.

Let’s say your company, Blogreader & Sons, makes neckties. And let’s say I’m a guy who sometimes wears neckties. Personally, I only know one way to tie a necktie. I figured it out myself when I was 12. But let’s say my wealthy uncle is getting married to his grandkids’ nanny and I need to make a good impression. I’m going to need to tie a, uh, full Windsor knot.

Nope. No idea. To the Googles!

Oh look, Blogreader & Sons has produced a series of videos, including one that teaches me exactly how to tie a full Windsor—not to mention a half Windsor, a four-in-hand, a clove hitch and a Tallahassee loop-de-loop.

Not only do I get information that I need and value, but I’m also going to look to Blogreader & Sons as my trusted resource for necktie tying. And who am I going to think of when I actually need to purchase a new necktie? You guessed it.

Because the materials you produce can remain online indefinitely, your resources will still be there years from now. And because online activity can be so easily tracked, you can see at a glance which materials you produce capture the most attention. The metrics have never been easier to track.

Think of all the information you possess about your industry—the wisdom that will convert your audience into informed consumers. Now think of all the ways you could present that information in your brand’s voice. Blog posts. Infographics. How-to videos. As Seth Godin says, “There are problems waiting to be solved, once you realize that you have all the tools and all the permission you need, then opportunities to contribute abound.” Concentrek Group has the strategies and the creative juice to make it all happen for you.

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