Concentrek Group helps get even complex messages to your audiences, in a way that attracts attention, informs decision-makers and inspires action. We listen to the people who have a stake in your success, from marketing folks and board members to product managers and sales reps. We get the big picture—and see the little details—that bring your story to life.


We ask the important questions, so we can understand your business and your marketplace.

We listen to all the points you need to make—from all the different points of view. We find the theme that moves your audience from Point A to Point B.


If you’re working in the wrong medium, your message isn’t going to get heard. We help determine the deliverables that truly deliver.


We develop a strategy that aims to achieve clearly defined objectives.



We deploy the tactics that best serve the scope, objectives and budget of each project.

We put our creative heads together, with words, images and digital juice to meet your mission head on. We collaborate closely with one another—and with you.


The best stories have great dialog—keeping the conversation moving forward can keep you moving forward.


We work with you to determine if objectives were met, and from there we define next steps.

We put our approach into action every day—in everything we build and in every story we tell.
See what this approach can achieve for you.

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