How does Google AdWords work?

Rob Lichman

We bet ten dollars that you’ve said this exact phrase: I want to be first on Google.

Newsflash—so does everyone else!

Due to the fact that everyone and their brother would like to appear first in Google’s search results, it can get pretty competitive to actually achieve the position. The way we like to explain it is that you can make it to the top one of two ways: 

  1. Produce content that ranks high in Google’s algorithm (a.k.a. valuable, relevant, keyword-rich content that people actually want to read)
  2. Invest in a Google AdWords campaign

Producing content can take time, money, and skill. While the content marketing team at Concentrek Group believes that you should definitely be creating content for your customers, that’s a process that might not lead to immediate rewards. In the meantime, you may want to give your search engine marketing (SEM) a shot in the arm.

And that’s where Google AdWords comes in.

Google AdWords Campaigns

When your company uses Google AdWords, you choose specific keywords and search terms to include in your campaign. When deciding on these search terms, you will want to think of what the customer would search—this means that you may not use the technical words that you yourself are accustomed to using.

Before choosing the search terms to use in a campaign, we also recommend taking a look at your site’s current analytics. What is currently driving traffic to the site and what isn’t? Assessing what is and isn’t working already will help you to create a better-performing campaign.

Google AdWords also allows you to focus the campaign on a certain geographic location. For example, if you are a local bakery creating a Google AdWords campaign for the search term ‘graduation cakes,’ you will want to specify the location of your shop as only customers within a certain distance would actually visit the shop to purchase a cake. 

Choosing a Budget

When choosing a budget for a Google AdWords campaign, you are able to set a per-click maximum bid and a daily budget. 

The good news is that you don’t always pay the maximum bid for each click—you just have to have a higher Ad Rank than the competitor. Also, by setting a daily budget, you can ensure that you will not spend more on the campaign than you are prepared to.

If you’re just starting out with Google AdWords, Concentrek Group recommends starting small and increasing your budget as needed. This will allow you to become more accustomed to the process and analytics before a significant ad spend.

Evaluating Google AdWords Performance

It is important to keep in mind what the goal of the campaign was when you are evaluating the success of Google AdWords. Many strategies are centered on increasing website traffic, raising brand awareness, or leading to increased conversions. Be sure to stay focused on the goals when you’re taking a look at the results.

Starting a Google AdWords Campaign

If you’re ready to start a Google AdWords campaign, there are a variety of support articles available on industry websites and blogs. Just type your Google AdWords-related question into Google, and it’s likely you’ll find an article that will guide you in the direction. You can also access the AdWords Help Center—believe us, Google wants to help you, it’s in their best interest!

Of course, you can also ask your friends at Concentrek Group to work with you. Give us a ring at 419.244.9000 or send us an email! We create and manage Google AdWords campaigns for clients and provide reports that are easy to understand—in other words, let us do the technical work and then tell you how your site is performing as a result.

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