How can content marketing complement and enhance your traditional outreach? What does content marketing do that other marketing can’t? These are the questions we get a lot. We aim to answer them here—with neckties! 

Even in this digital age, some people are calling print the hot new trend in content marketing. If you’ve got great content that’s designed to last, it could be a great option—if you keep some key ideas in mind. Are you ready to take it to the page? Find out!

Google+ offers tremendous benefits in terms of SEO value. If you're going to take advantage of this social platform, make sure you're using the correct image sizes. We've taken the liberty of listing those for you—you're welcome. 

Google AdWords allows you to apply a budget to specific keywords and search terms within a campaign, resulting in an improved search ranking for your company. When deciding on search terms to include in a campaign, it is important to use the terms that the customer would search for—this often means using less technical terms that the consumer better understands.

If your brand has taken the plunge to join the Twitterverse, you’re going to want to listen very carefully to what we have to say—if you don’t, there will be consequences.

Twitter is the microblogging platform that allows your brand to broadcast short messages at a high frequency to followers. The question that many clients have when it comes to Twitter is whether or not they should be on it. We believe the answer to this question depends on the brand and the audience.

Pinterest is a platform that inspires users to learn or do something—something that companies can use to their advantage. The success of a brand's virtual pin board relies heavily on the visual appeal of the content they share.

Use this post as a guide when creating content for your brand's Pinterest profile, ensuring your Pins inspire users to interact with your brand.

We’re all taught to not judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to Facebook, we often judge a Page by its cover photo.

Your Facebook Page is an advertising tool for your business, making it critical for the Page’s creative elements to be designed specifically for the channel—not as an afterthought. Use this post as your guide to Facebook image sizes, including everything from the cover photo to a thumbnail image. 

Gone are the days of patience while surfing the web. We are a society with thumbs that think faster than our brains, so when a website doesn’t appear properly from device to device, it’s onto the next one! If you’re still operating on the 2008 mentality that mobile web design is an afterthought, you’ll definitely want to read through the end of this blog post.

As we build websites for our clients, we often hear that they want to make sure information is “above the fold,” meaning that users won’t have to scroll down to see the call to action or an essential piece of information. It’s understandable. And at first glance it makes sense.

Unfortunately, it’s also kind of a myth.

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